Most of us are familiar with the archetype of the Dark Shadow: the repressed dark side hidden within us. But you may not be familiar with the archetype of the Golden Shadow: the repressed gold hidden within our darkness.

The golden shadow symbolizes withheld courage, hidden talents, repressed passion and stifled creativity. It’s the unfulfilled potential that people fail to see or develop because of fear around taking risks.

The Wilderness Walk Journey to Stillness takes you to a place BEYOND the story. Your truest self is free of suffering and knows your greatness and limitlessness. Behind the tremendous noise in your mind is Divine wisdom. Somewhere along the line you got distracted from this truth and are now being called to journey home and reconnect to what you ALREADY know.

This is your light.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

– Carl Jung

Claiming Self-Worth

Self-worth runs deep. It is profound and unflinching. It is the bedrock of personal development. It’s what empowers you to change your circumstances and reminds you that you are worthy of manifesting and claiming the life you desire. It is impossible to stand in your light, fulfill your dreams, and come fully alive if at the core you feel unworthy or unloveable. Self-worth is understanding every moment that your existence holds value, regardless of external changes or your present circumstances.

Expressing and Owning your Truth

At some point in your life you made the decision that it was not safe to speak your truth. It is time to rewrite that experience and story. Speaking your truth means staying true to who you are. Every time you authentically and courageously speak up you love yourself a little bit more. You give yourself the love your family could not give you, and you reclaim your right to be heard, valued, and respected. Being seen and heard is your inherent birthright. You are not meant to live in the constraints of your mental cave; rather you are meant to be wild, free and expressive just as young children are. This free spirit, this child, still lives in you. It has never left. Open the gate through the beauty and power of your voice, it is time to be seen and heard once again.


Intentional Action and Self Trust

There’s no one more important to trust than yourself. Sometimes we lose trust in ourselves after we make a mistake or after someone criticizes us harshly or constantly. It can feel more difficult to make decisions when you can’t trust yourself because you fear you’ll make the wrong choice. Or you might be more prone to criticizing your own decisions after you make them. Building trust in yourself can help boost your decision-making skills and self-confidence. This can make life feel a little easier and much more enjoyable. Through intentional action and honoring commitments to yourself you begin to build trust one step at a time.

Personal Power and Self Responsibility

When you cannot recognize your self-worth, it is because you surrendered your power. Personal power represents a movement toward self-realization and transcendent goals in life; its primary aim is mastery of self, not others. It is more of an attitude or state of mind than an attempt to maneuver or control others. It is based on competence, vision, values, and service. When externalized it is likely to be more generous, creative and humane than other forms of power. People with personal power don’t need to shout about what they want, and they rarely make people feel inadequate or unappreciated. They have a way of being comfortable in their own skin, believing what they believe, and confidently saying their own opinions while being able to respect and honor others without feeling threatened.

Releasing Regret and Embodying Lessons

Regret is emotional quicksand. As we continually replay past hurtful events in our minds, we sink deeper into an internal environment of escalating stress, depletion and isolation. Moving from feeling bitter to feeling better will involve the sacred work of identifying, validating, grieving and releasing past pain. We cannot change past events, but we can change our reaction to it, our understanding of it, and what we do with it. When we can see all things as opportunities and lessons then they have a deeper purpose. When these lessons are learned and integrated we have the ability to stop repeating painful patterns. We can identify how important they are to our evolution.

Self Compassion and Faith

Self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism. Self-compassion involves treating yourself the way you would treat a friend who is having a hard time—even if your friend blew it or is feeling inadequate, or is just facing a tough life challenge. Self compassion helps us to build faith in ourselves and the unfolding of life. We see the interconnectedness and the divine order of all things.



Forgiveness is strong medicine. When life hits you hard, there is nothing as effective as forgiveness for healing deep wounds. Forgiveness is about goodness, about extending mercy to those who’ve harmed you, even if they don’t “deserve” it. It is not about finding excuses for the offending person’s behavior or pretending it didn’t happen. Most of us tend to be harder on ourselves than we are on others and we struggle to love ourselves. If you are not feeling lovable because of actions you’ve taken, then self-forgiveness is the key. In self-forgiveness, you honor yourself as a person, even if you are imperfect. This is an important part of the path toward internal freedom.

Honoring your Gifts

You were born with inherent gifts. Many of these got suppressed into your golden shadow out of fear of jealousy, judgment and making others uncomfortable. You spend your whole life diminishing and disowning your talents, skills and strengths. We can’t see that we are the hands and feet of the Universe. There is only one you and when you bypass what you have been given so freely then the world misses out on the gifts of your potential impact.


Alignment and Manifestation

Alignment is when your thoughts, life-choices, and direction all honor your core values. Alignment is when you listen to your intuition and move through the world embodying your true self. It is about clarifying who you are—your values and priorities—and removing the noise and distraction of other’s expectations, rather than trying to achieve some unattainable “balance” based on society’s norms and values. It’s finding the flow and letting the things that don’t serve you go. When you’re in alignment you feel so clear and purposeful about your life. You are happy in the moment and excited for the future. You feel fulfilled and whole. Alignment helps you on the path toward manifestation. Once you become clear about what you truly desire, alignment makes it easy to bring it into reality as you are sending a clear message and vibrating at a level that draws it to you.