In every life experience there is a lesson and a blessing. Often, we get sidetracked by the pain and disappointment of the experience that we miss the lesson and bypass the blessing.

Often, when I come out of a situation, I’m so ready to be done with it that I rush back into “doing” life before I properly acknowledge the lessons. However, God is such a generous teacher that if we miss the lesson that first time, the experience will be repeated until learned.

I have always been in awe of people who share beautiful childhood memories, my childhood was less than beautiful but it was bountiful in lessons. One of the greatest lessons of my growth experience was trusting the hand of God even when I did not understand the divine plan. 

As I continue to walk my sacred life path, deeper into my own internal WILDERNESS, I have discovered many hidden treasures in the ruins of childhood.

~ It doesn’t matter where you start, it only matters where you finish.

~ Love yourself enough to let go of all that no longer serves you and   your highest good.

~ Letting go may feel painful, though holding on may destroy your spirit, find the courage to let go anyway.

~ Love is still love even when it’s from a distance.

~ There is always purpose in the pain, sometimes it just takes longer than expected for the purpose to be revealed.

~ Grief is like an ocean, the tide changes based on the season.

~ Healing is worth the pain of recovery.

~ If it’s not love it’s usually ego.

~ Surrender and vulnerability are true signs of strength and spiritual maturity, though mastering both may take your breath away.

~ Remaining in childhood suffering won’t bring about true justice for anyone, healing yourself fully is the most divine redemption.

~ What we will not get honest about, will not be healed.

~ We are all worthy of healing.

~ No matter how much you harm yourself, it won’t take the true pain away, try love, it is the only antidote to fear, pain, and illusion.

~ Divine messengers come in all forms, forgive the process, and free yourself from the cage of your judgement.

~In order to transform, a part of you must die, like the sacred phoenix rising, only the truth will remain.

~ When the lesson emerges, the obstacle will fade.

~ Forgiveness is both a decision and revolution.

~ Forgiveness of yourself, the process, and the messengers is the only path to true freedom. Forgive even without the apology.

~ In the end, only love remains though it may not look the way you imagined it. True love may be you finally standing on your own, in your own strength, in your own truth, and that is more than enough.

What are YOUR divine life lessons? 

Samaria ~ Walker

Costa Rica