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It seems when life presents me with a crossroads and I am forced to pick a direction, I have a choice to listen to my intuition or to accept what external influences would think is best.

I have had moments in my life where I have had the opportunity to follow my intuition but have doubted my choices. Because of mistakes that I had made in the past or situations that were beyond my control, I began to not trust my true voice and my own intuition. I began to make choices that were easier in the short run, but kept me small in the long run. And I ran from my calling.

I felt stuck and uninspired.

After years of running, I finally decided that I could no longer ignore my voice. I had a good life on the outside. I was healthy, in a positive loving relationship, loving and supportive friends, had a secure job with a great company and a place to call home. And yet, I could not move forward in my day-to-day life. I was numbing my feelings through food, T.V, and being busy with life…. So busy that there was no time for me. No time to listen to my voice, let alone know it was there. And the loss of myself was starting to affect the very parts of my life that I had grown to love.

I was led to a free self-care journey for 21 days with Suzanne Hanna and Elena Lipson. In community, I was gently guided toward the importance of taking care of my own self again. This led to the idea of the Wilderness Walk, an opportunity to dig deeper into that which was holding me back from trusting my power.

Walking forward finally lit my path and broke down my walls.

As I journeyed forward with the Wilderness Walk community, I was surprised to learn more about myself even after years of self-reflection. I began to understand the walls that I had created in new and palpable ways so that I could finally deconstruct them and evolve my way of being in the world. I had spent so much time observing other’s lives, that I had to learn how to step into mine. As I began to trust the process and my tribe-mates, my mind began to open more honestly to my potential and I could feel some of the dreams start to flourish that I had stifled so many years ago.

We all enter this journey at different places and with a myriad of stories. We come together to be witnessed, be honest and open, be aware and present, and to provide a place where healing and strengthening can occur in an authentic way. It is not always pretty, but it is always better than staying small and numb. By walking, I continue to remain open to my truth.

How are you numbing your own truth?  Are you ready to Walk toward greater awareness?

~ Carolyn

Walker- Costa Rica