What a difference a year can make. This time last year, I was fresh off The Wilderness Walk trail.  I made a clear intention to quit my nine to five job and take a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. April 1st was my deadline which was only a month after my completion of The Wilderness Walk. I decided I wasn’t going to waste another moment of my time working my fingers to the bone for someone else’s dreams. So I jumped into my OWN business that I had been building for years with both feet but shortly after I found myself running right into a brick wall.

The balance of time became an impossible feat. The very thing that I’m so great at teaching, quickly became my nemesis. I questioned my purpose as the days, nights and weeks melted into one.

I soon recognized the need to walk away and submerge myself into self-care. It was the one thing I desired to do more with my time, yet I found it harder to allow myself the luxury. The time I gave myself off from marketing, working 10-14 hour days and all expectations gave me new life. And, of course, once I nailed down a more balanced routine, the easier it was to figure out my new home schedule.

Do you struggle with balancing your time like I did?

If so, here are a few tips that helped me pull through my rut and got me on a path of ease.

Establish Fun Routines

For me, the morning meditation at my altar followed by a long walk with my dog sent me right into the creative state of mind. Adding time to eat lunch outside and closing each day with a bit of journaling, gave me something to look forward to & kept me moving. Routines don’t have to be left-brained or boring if you personalize them just enough.

Know Your Schedule

The only way to get things done is to become crystal clear about your time and purpose. Blocking out specific hours to complete projects will keep you committed. Setting timers will help keep you accountable.

Call In Focus

If you have trouble staying away from email, social media or other things that may cause procrastination, set your phone to airplane mode and keep limited tabs open in your browser. But if you must, set “Study Music for Concentration & Focus” on auto-repeat – you will not be disappointed.

Break It Up

Give yourself the gift of several breaks throughout the day. Hydrate & do something physical like lifting weights for 5 minutes or spontaneous dancing. (You’ll be surprised how liberating this can feel!)

Keep Your Promises

Set a timer for 30 minutes before closing time so that you can wrap it up for the evening. If you’re working from home, you may know the temptations of pushing it another hour or two.

Once I gave myself permission to make self-care a priority throughout the day, I began experiencing the freedom I had so deeply desired just a year ago. 

Are you keeping sacred promises to yourself?

Whether you work away from or within your home, consider creating some healthy routines to keep you living life on purpose!!

 Renee Weatherford

Wilderness Walker 2016 – Costa Rica