This free webinar with Suzanne Hanna and George Herrick will show you the power of shadow work and how shadow coaching is fast becoming the number one healing modality and how you can become a part of it.

This could change your life and those you touch

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December 6th at 4pmPST/5PMMT/7PMEST


It doesn’t matter what field you are in, this work can dramatically change your life and your
career. We will share with you how shadow work is changing lives and how it can be
incorporated into your business or career.


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This free webinar with Suzanne and George if for you if you are ready to:

➢ Create a powerful impact with those you work with in your industry

➢ Become more aligned with your personal truth, inner knowing and passions

➢ Motivate and inspire others

➢ Have hard conversations with deeper intentions and purpose

➢ Gain more confidence with navigating triggers, conflict and uncomfortable experiences

➢ Expand and diversify your business

➢ Feel more empowered and develop a deeper understanding of the human psyche

➢ Remove what is in the way of living a more meaningful life for yourself and those you work with


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