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What the world needs is a HEALING revolution – and it begins with YOU.

You are the hero of your own story. No one can save you, fix you or walk the path for you.

You were born with powerful abilities to not only realize your dreams but also to overcome the most challenging terrain. You have endured obstacles, loss, challenges and heartache. Somewhere along the way you got lost and have spent a lifetime trying to remember and unearth the truth of who you are and why you were placed on this path in the first place.

Life provides you with a map and is always guiding you. It sends a series of wake up calls in order to alert you and lead you in the right direction. This, however, can be painful and fill you with fear, self doubt and shame.

The discovery of who you truly are cannot take place without the willingness to trek into all the dark unseen or unacknowledged places within you. The wilderness within holds the treasure to your deepest truth. It holds the key to your freedom.

This is the beginning of an entirely new life. You will never be the same.

Some of us will brave the journey; others will flee the fire.

-Jeff Brown

I went on the Wilderness Walk to understand who I have been and who I can be. The Walk delved deep into many sad life events that had defined my emotional and spiritual development. For me the Walk was an in depth deconstruction and reconstruction of who I was, who I am and can be in the future. It has been a voyage of self discovery. I learned that what I am doesn’t have to define who I am. I learned that for me shame drives everything. I learned how to sow the seeds of personal forgiveness, nurture them and then reap the rewards. I learned how to give, to harness and feed off the forgiveness and love of others. The unspoken bonds I made with my Tribe will never be broken since we bared our hearts and souls to each other and went through a life changing experience. For that I will be eternally grateful. The Wilderness Walk changed my life. It gave me a window into my heart and soul and it gave me a set of practical tools I use everyday to move forward.


We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
-Joseph Campbell

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